Trouble Sleeping?

Discover serenity with Infinite’s
Relax formula. Handcrafted in sunny
Colorado, USA – this formula will get
you to bed in no time!

Quick and effective
way to relax your
mind and body

Third party tested
and made in a
cGMP facility

Infused with the
finest ingredients
including melatonin

The Relax gummies are amazing. I take a couple an hour or so before bedtime and I’m out quick.  I sleep like a baby.”

– Corey S.

“I had trouble sleeping every single night.  These got me to bed so quick! If you find yourself tossing and turning, grab this formula now!”

– Shannon B.

I relied on a prescription but it stopped working. My sister recommended Infinite’s Relax formula and I was asleep within 20 minutes.”

– Catherine W.

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What Is Hemp?

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Who Is Infinite?

Infinite is a Wellness company that’s been improving days since 2016! Our goal is to make your day the best it can be.

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