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Your own lab operating in three weeks with the support of experienced gummy manufacturers.
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Build Your Dream Lab ​

Creating your own company is an exciting but sometimes stressful experience. Now, you don’t have to start from scratch. 

The Turn-Key Gummy Lab program helps business owners who are looking to expand their careers, those seeking to further their manufacturing knowledge, or those who may be looking to create a new brand. Equipment, ingredients, formulations, and more are included in the package.

Discover everything that is involved in the Turn-Key Gummy Lab program below. 

What You Get


Commercial grade equipment to
produce 400,000+ gummies per month


Award winning tested recipes that
will keep your clients coming back


Step by step instructions for all
processes, procedures, and regulations


Hands on training for you
and your team at your facility


Full service support every step of
the way - in person, phone, or video chat


Ingredients for your first
100,000 gummies

Be Part of the Network

By becoming part of our large web of labs, you can supply your customers with the bandwidth potential of our entire network.

  • We offer a Buyback program where you can sell us back your unused bandwidth!

  • You’ll be able to sell larger volumes than you could sourcing from a single facility.

  • You can share and trade ingredients, molds, flavors, etc, when in need.

  • We offer lifetime support to your lab and our network

What you Need


2000+ Sq Ft
Commercial Space


3-4 Production


220 amps
60 hz

Low Cost, High Profit

With our formulation and processes, the average total cost of ingredients, labor, and overhead is only ~$0.05!

Many customers buy gummies over $0.20+ so there is tons of profit to be made per gummy.


From designing an efficient layout for your facility to printing the shipping labels, we help you every step of the way. One of our industry experts will come to your facility to train you and your team.
  • Training by leading industry experts
  • An efficiently designed facility layout
  • 2 – 3 days in-person training
  • Everything done in your own facility


Need ingredients, but supply chain issues delaying you? Customer would like a custom formulation? Batches of gummies failing? No worries, we’ve gone through it all and know all the steps.

  • Call us over the phone
  • Speak with us on live chat
  • We can also be there in-person within a reasonable timeframe

Gummies, Etc

We are knowledgeable about numerous other manufacturing processes. If you’d like to produce a tincture, protein bar, chocolates, etc. then we can help you with those products as well. Reach out to us with more information and we will be in touch.